Product Space welcomes anyone with a passion for PM to apply. Join us and shape your product journey.

Applications for Fall 2021 are closed.
Timeline for Fall 2021
  • Info Session #1 (6 - 8 PM PST)

    Location: Zoom

    Join us to get a glimpse into the way we do things at Product Space @ Berkeley.

  • Info Session #2 (8 - 10 PM PST)

    Location: VLSB2040

    In case you couldn't join our first session, our second info session will get you up to speed. This session is in-person, so you can talk with members face-to-face!

  • Introduction to PM Workshop (6 - 7:30 PM PST)

    Location: Zoom

    Whether you're completely new to PM or experienced, the Intro to PM workshop—lead by a senior PS member—is an excellent way to see how we go about teaching product management.

  • Application Deadline

    Submit your Product Space application by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on this date.

  • Interviews (invite only)

    We'll cover a couple of behavioral and technical questions based on the program you applied for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Product Space look for in an applicant?

Beyond our organization’s values, a strong candidate demonstrates an inclination to support fellow members, a powerful desire to cultivate their knowledge in product management, and a cultural fit within Product Space. While it is beneficial to be familiar with product management concepts, our programs exist to help you develop that understanding. To stand out, we’d love to see a go-getter attitude supplemented by a strong will to collaborate and give back as much as you take.

What is the expected time commitment as a new member?

We ask for about 4 to 8 hours of your time each week as a member of the fellowship program or a client associate. Beyond that, we’d love to see you at our socials, workshops, and other events!

How should I decide between applying for the fellowship and client projects?

We highly recommend the fellowship program for those who have just started developing an interest in product management. Client projects are intended for people who have had a PM internship or an equivalent experience. The interview process for each program is structured accordingly.

How does Product Space plan to operate in the fall semester?

We intend to host most meetings and socials in-person, ensuring that all participants have been completely vaccinated. Most recruitment activities will also likely be held in-person so long that we have campus permission.