Although product management is one of the fastest growing fields in industry, it is notoriously difficult to break into. At Product Space, our mission is to help undergraduate students nurture the skills demanded in this field so they can thrive as product leaders and help others who are interested in product management. To accomplish this, we continue to build a strong, engaged community of future product managers who are excited to embark on their product journey and desire to give back as much as they take.

Our Values

At Product Space, we strive to embody the following values to foster a welcoming and enriching environment for our members.


A skilled PM demonstrates an exceptional ability to empathize with individuals and products.


With dedication and love for what you do, we believe the outcome of any effort will multiply in value.


We constantly brainstorm and deliver exciting ideas to impact the Berkeley campus and beyond.


Aadhrik Kuila


Brandon Qin

External Vice President

Ananya Gupta

Internal Vice President

Tyler McNierney

Head of Growth

Atharva Mehendale

Head of Projects

Momo Siu

Project Manager

Nanki Ahuja

Project Manager

Arnav Gupta

Project Manager

Kayli Jiang

Project Manager

Advait Marathe

Fellowship Lead

Beyond Product Space

Our members and alumni have continued their product management journeys at a variety of companies through internships and full-time opportunities.