Product Space @ Berkeley

UC Berkeley Product Management Organization.

What is Product Space @ Berkeley?

Product Space @ Berkeley is the UC Berkeley chapter of Product Space, a nation-wide family of students who are passionate about product management. We strive to cultivate a tight-knit community of product leaders who are well-prepared to guide impactful products in industry.



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For Students

2 different programs where you can thrive

At Product Space, we take pride in our firm commitment to product management education. We offer the fellowship program and client projects for our members who come with various levels of experience.

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For Companies

The best undergraduate team for your products

Product Space is uniquely positioned to assist companies as the first and largest product management organization at UC Berkeley. All client projects are handled by a project manager, 4 to 6 product associates, and an advisor.

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Pursue your product passion with like-minded peers

By joining Product Space, you’ll meet a talented group of friends and colleagues who will help shape your product management journey. Our members are driven and dedicated, and many have gone on to join top APM programs at Twitter, Uber, IBM, and more!